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December is Aids Awareness Month

CDC updated on
Date:: November 23rd 2014.
Time:: 12:46 pm.
Place:: Home ♥
Feeling:: Lovely.
Wearing:: Tshirt & Leggins.
Weather:: Partly Cloudy.
Temperature:: 56F.
Eating:: Nope.
Drinking:: Koolaid.
Loving:: Kitty Cat
Hating:: Dry Mouth.
Hearing:: Dogs Snoring.
Browsing:: #BloggerLife
Watching:: Bridezilla.
Talking To:: Texing Grandma.
Thinking:: "so much to do!"

October 2012: creation of layouts started

November 2012: Cassie turned 26 years old!

November 2012: birth of Cassie's blog!

January 2013: launch of!

January 2013: first layout [K N I T]

February 2013: second layout [G R E E N]

May 2013: third layout [R A I N C E E]

September 2013: Cassie had surgery!

November 2013: Cassie turned 27 years old!

January 2014: fourth layout [I C E D]

August 2014: fifth layout [P I C P E R F E C T]


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